5 Must-Haves when creating graphics for Social Media

OK – so, I know this isn’t my typical message, but it IS something that I use to help deliver my messages and I like it so much that I want to share it with you.

About a year ago, I was fortunate enough to get a screaming deal on an on-line software that has saved me probably thousands of dollars and scores of hours.  The cool thing is, for the second anniversary, the company is offering the same crazy promotion – and I’ll outline that in just a minute.  (Unless you want to skip to the video about it right now.) 🙂

sit and restBut first – you know all those pretty inspirational quotes and silly goofball jokes and fancy info graphics you see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, etc?  They are a great way to interact with your followers on Social Media.  However, some are way better than others and since I’ve been creating many myself, I’ve done a lot of research on what works.

So here are my 5 Must-Haves when creating graphics for Social Media.


1.  A Message to Share.  This may sound like common sense, but what’s the point of making a graphic if there’s not a reason for it.  For the greatest impact, your posts should be relevant to your brand, your message, your business plan, your strategy.  Otherwise, the posts may just be clogging the news feed and wasting your precious time and resources.

2. An Engaging Image. This is different for each person and business, depending on the audience.  We see lots of cute animals and sunsets and landscape scenes – which can be fun, beautiful and inspiring.  But, if you want to get a man’s attention, you might want to use cool cars or tackle boxes or power tools — no offense or stereo-typing intended! You get the idea:  match the image to your audience.  CAUTION:  Do not just “google” an image and use it. Make sure you are using images that are free from copyright protection.

3. Meaningful Information.  Once again, your audience should be the focus of the information you’re sharing – but what TYPE of info should you share? Create a post with a useful tip, a how-to, a humorous statement, inspirational image, or ask a probing question — something to encourage engagement with your brand and strategy. Making a post without getting engagement is like the proverbial tree falling in the forest when no one is around.

4. Legible Font.  That is, make sure the words you write can be read.  How often have you come across a post where the font was so weird that the meaning of the post was completely lost. I once saw where “and” looked like “run” – seriously!  I was like, huh?  So, be sure and use a font that can be read and use a bolder font to highlight key words for added impact.

5. Audience Connection.  Have I said this often enough?  When you can connect with your viewers and readers, you’re way ahead of the game.  A friend/colleague and I were just discussing that it’s much better to have a quantity of high quality followers than it is a high quantity of low quality.  The way to develop that is through engagement on the followers’ level.

Now, do I get this right every time? Of course not. I’m far from perfect, but I’m learning – and having fun in the process.

And part of what makes it enjoyable is the creative outlet I get when I’m building a graphic on this really cool platform called Youzign. THIS is the screaming deal I was talking about.

bitlychristyyouzignI can build ANYTHING with this software that takes the guesswork out of the figuring out the pixels and dimensions and copyright rules and all of that.  Youzign is the ultimate graphics creator tool with integration with image providers that offer more than a million photos and hundreds of vector images that can be customized to your branding. Use the templates provided or make a custom image from scratch.  The possibilities are endless when YOU are the designer.

I could go on and on, but you will get more out of it if you watch this video and read the testimonials. And the best part is, you can get the same deal I did a year ago – but only for a couple days.  Get access to this platform for a one-time payment of $27. (yes, twenty-seven dollars – unless you go there and the promotion is over – in which case DARN – I’m sorry!!!)  FYI: There are some other offers that come after that, if you’re interested in more templates or using the software to sell your designs, you can check those out, too.

But do yourself a favor, if you’re making — or WANT to make — your own graphics for social media – or flyers or business cards or postcards or resumes or….
OK – I’ll get off my soap box…. and go make some more fun graphics…

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