Life After Emotional Abuse

I just had an epiphany…. also known as a face-palm… aka an AH-HA moment.  Whatever you want to call it, I’m sitting here shaking my head wondering why it took me so long to have this thought – and feeling the need to apologize to women around the world that I didn’t figure it out sooner. You’ll need some background about my experience with abuse for this to make any sense. Five […]

The Healing Steps


The 5 “tions” to Find the Perfect Coach For You

Do you – or did you ever – play a sport?  “Put me in, Coach!”  That’s what an athlete says when he or she wants to GET IN THE GAME!  Most of us have played something during our lives, and we learned the necessity of a coach to teach us how to play, including showing us the rules, techniques, strategies – and perhaps most importantly, the encouragement when the game […]

Put more life and love in YOUR LOVE LIFE

If I could, I would give you a hug and a kiss – well, at least the chocolate version.  Next time you get chocolate, try an experiment.  Rather than popping it in your mouth and gobbling it up,  let it melt slowly and enjoy every sensation.  Notice the smoothness and sweetness of the candy. Pay attention and actually taste the chocolate.  Make the flavor an experience. Now, apply this to […]

box of chocolates

sit and rest

5 Must-Haves when creating graphics for Social Media

OK – so, I know this isn’t my typical message, but it IS something that I use to help deliver my messages and I like it so much that I want to share it with you. About a year ago, I was fortunate enough to get a screaming deal on an on-line software that has saved me probably thousands of dollars and scores of hours.  The cool thing is, for the […]

Do you have “DEAD AIR” in your life?

Do you know what “DEAD AIR” is?  No – it’s not when you have to put the mask on when they fall from the overhead compartment on an airplane. (Although, remember to put your own on first before helping others.) The term “dead air” originated decades ago to describe what happens when a television or radio station goes quiet or dark or staticky – as in, no longer broadcasting.  It […]

dead air bars

@ChristyStansell Periscope

Is Periscope Just a Glorified SELFIE ?!

A couple months ago, a friend and colleague suggested, “Christy, you’d be GREAT on Periscope!”  I replied with, “Uhhhh, thanks… but what the heck is Periscope?!”  Just like you might be wondering now, too.  Don’t feel bad – it’s only been around since the end of March 2015 (so only a little over six months as of this writing – so if you know what it is, you’re ahead of […]

11 Reasons Why Candy Crush is the Smartest Stupid Game Ever Created

Once upon a time, on a family road trip, my then-5-year-old daughter asked to play a game on my phone.  I had sorta heard of but had never seen or experienced the app Candy Crush – so I thought, hmm, this looks fun for a kid, so I installed it and let her have it.  Then she let ME have it.  “MOM!!! – I don’t know how to do this.  […]

Candy Crush Square Screenshot

Dongle by Fitbit

What the heck is a DONGLE – and why should you care?

I consider myself fairly versed in the English vocabulary. I mean, I’ve been a journalist since I was 16, and I love to read, so I’ve seen a lot of words.  But it wasn’t until very recently (yesterday!) that I encountered the term “Dongle” – apparently I don’t work in the technology field – and for those of you who do, please don’t judge me! You see, I am celebrating […]

6 Life Lessons from DOG Grooming – WOOF!

If you or anyone you know has ever had a dog, this ought to crack you up.  You see, our dog was a mess, bless her heart – and she taught me some lessons this week.  Our black Cocker Spaniel is going on ten years old, and she has always been a wonderful, loving, playful dog. You can guess what age and stage my daughter was in when we got […]

2007 101


Does what you say really matter? The power of your words.

What was your “First Word”?  You won’t remember saying it, but no doubt your parents were very excited with whatever it was, and likely recorded it in your baby book.  That first word was a milestone in your development. As toddlers, moms implore us to “Use your words” instead of whine.  Scores of spelling bees, comprehension exams and essay tests later, our vocabulary expands to an average of 15,000 words […]