Can your Business handle the Truth?

I was very excited to read this book.  I’d heard this spunky, pretty businesswoman speak in a series of online videos, and she was down to earth, to-the-point, and she made a lot of sense, so I knew her book would be the same. It was going along fine until I hit page 15. Then I got mad. 

playing-big kim flynn bookHer book is called, “Playing BIG:  The Unsexy Truth About How to Succeed in Business.”  In it, Kim Flynn outlines very specific systems that business owners sometimes neglect:  Leadership, Marketing, Product Service/Fulfillment, Customer Service and Finance.  She’s blunt (in a good way) and asks pointed questions about why you may not be doing something important, even if it’s critical to building your business successfully.

But on page 15, I was ready to put up my fists
She wrote, “I don’t believe in the law of attraction.” 

Hm. OK. Now what?  Do I keep reading this book or not?  Because I DO believe in the law of attraction. I have long understood that “what we think about, we bring about.”  That is, we attract whatever we focus on. So, for example, if we worry about our problems, they get bigger – but, if we put our attention on finding a solution, we will find it.  This is not ignoring the problem, but rather putting it in a healthier, forward motion perspective.

I kept reading… and I’m glad I did, because she explained herself. “I have no problem whatsoever with encouraging people to take themselves out of the victim mode and think positively.  I do have a problem when people expect the law of attraction to grow their business for them.”

Alrighty then.  I still like you, Kim.  We’re still on the same page. And actually, I completely agree.  We cannot think something – and even go so far as to put it on a vision board and in affirmation statements – and then sit back and wait for it to happen.  Cuz, that ain’t gonna happen!

A key ingredient to the “Law of Attraction” is TAKING ACTION!  You can visualize all day, but unless you DO what you’re picturing, you will not find success. Attraction requires action!  (It’s even IN the word!)

I believe that it is very important to take time to listen to our hearts, discover what it is that ignites us and serves others, and describe what that is in writing (and pictures, if you like.)  Then, we must outline a plan and DECIDE what we need TO DO to make it happen.  Basically, you have to do the work.

So, Kim and I can agree to disagree on the “law of attraction” thing.  I’m still going to her workshop, because based on the rest of her book, I believe her business plan advice is meaty and effective.

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