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Life After Emotional Abuse

I just had an epiphany…. also known as a face-palm… aka an AH-HA moment.  Whatever you want to call it, I’m sitting here shaking my head wondering why it took me so long to have this thought – and feeling the need to apologize to women around the world that I didn’t figure it out sooner. You’ll need some background about my experience with abuse for this to make any sense. Five […]

The Healing Steps


The 5 “tions” to Find the Perfect Coach For You

Do you – or did you ever – play a sport?  “Put me in, Coach!”  That’s what an athlete says when he or she wants to GET IN THE GAME!  Most of us have played something during our lives, and we learned the necessity of a coach to teach us how to play, including showing us the rules, techniques, strategies – and perhaps most importantly, the encouragement when the game […]

6 Life Lessons from DOG Grooming – WOOF!

If you or anyone you know has ever had a dog, this ought to crack you up.  You see, our dog was a mess, bless her heart – and she taught me some lessons this week.  Our black Cocker Spaniel is going on ten years old, and she has always been a wonderful, loving, playful dog. You can guess what age and stage my daughter was in when we got […]

2007 101


Does what you say really matter? The power of your words.

What was your “First Word”?  You won’t remember saying it, but no doubt your parents were very excited with whatever it was, and likely recorded it in your baby book.  That first word was a milestone in your development. As toddlers, moms implore us to “Use your words” instead of whine.  Scores of spelling bees, comprehension exams and essay tests later, our vocabulary expands to an average of 15,000 words […]

Can your Business handle the Truth?

I was very excited to read this book.  I’d heard this spunky, pretty businesswoman speak in a series of online videos, and she was down to earth, to-the-point, and she made a lot of sense, so I knew her book would be the same. It was going along fine until I hit page 15. Then I got mad.  Her book is called, “Playing BIG:  The Unsexy Truth About How to […]

playing-big kim flynn book


Make Time to Make Time (& find more hours in a day!)

  “Do you know what time it is?” It used to take 1.5 seconds to answer that with a quick flick of our wrist to see our watch, maybe half a second longer if you have to move your sleeve out of the way.  Now it seems that time pieces are relics of the past, pushed out of the way by our hand-held computers with futuristic names like Droid and […]

Four Ways to Handle a Detour – What’s yours?

WOOHOO!  I’m beyond happy to share with you that I have officially launched my website! YAY! HAPPY DANCE!  JIGGITY-JIG!  It has been a long time coming!  There have been many “detours” en route to its completion (and there will be many more NEW roads to build in it as we grow), but V.1 of “Make a Choice to Have a Voice” is LIVE! While I’m totally tickled with how cool […]