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Life After Emotional Abuse

I just had an epiphany…. also known as a face-palm… aka an AH-HA moment.  Whatever you want to call it, I’m sitting here shaking my head wondering why it took me so long to have this thought – and feeling the need to apologize to women around the world that I didn’t figure it out sooner. You’ll need some background about my experience with abuse for this to make any sense. Five […]

The Healing Steps

box of chocolates

Put more life and love in YOUR LOVE LIFE

If I could, I would give you a hug and a kiss – well, at least the chocolate version.  Next time you get chocolate, try an experiment.  Rather than popping it in your mouth and gobbling it up,  let it melt slowly and enjoy every sensation.  Notice the smoothness and sweetness of the candy. Pay attention and actually taste the chocolate.  Make the flavor an experience. Now, apply this to […]

Is Periscope Just a Glorified SELFIE ?!

A couple months ago, a friend and colleague suggested, “Christy, you’d be GREAT on Periscope!”  I replied with, “Uhhhh, thanks… but what the heck is Periscope?!”  Just like you might be wondering now, too.  Don’t feel bad – it’s only been around since the end of March 2015 (so only a little over six months as of this writing – so if you know what it is, you’re ahead of […]

@ChristyStansell Periscope

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6 Life Lessons from DOG Grooming – WOOF!

If you or anyone you know has ever had a dog, this ought to crack you up.  You see, our dog was a mess, bless her heart – and she taught me some lessons this week.  Our black Cocker Spaniel is going on ten years old, and she has always been a wonderful, loving, playful dog. You can guess what age and stage my daughter was in when we got […]

Why I recommend taking a DETOUR….

I don’t know about your streets, but the most direct route to my neighborhood has been sabotaged lately.  The intersection is all torn up, the lanes are not in the same place, and there are potholes, dirt, and orange cones everywhere.  If you were coming to visit me, I’d recommend taking a DETOUR! This road construction situation is quite common in the spring in most communities. It seems there are […]


SQUIRREL!  I caught this shot while on vacation in Morro Bay, California - you should have seen how many NUTS he squirreled away in those cheeks! Hilarious!

How to Forgive a Squirrel

Once upon a time, we met – and then life took a detour, for one or both of us.  But I would love a “happily ever after” with you! If you’re reading this entry and we have never met – well, then, WELCOME!  I’m happy to “meet” you now. As I prepared to officially launch my website and blog, I realized that I had been “out of touch” with hundreds of […]