Do you have “DEAD AIR” in your life?

Do you know what “DEAD AIR” is?  No – it’s not when you have to put the mask on when they fall from the overhead compartment on an airplane. (Although, remember to put your own on first before helping others.) The term “dead air” originated decades ago to describe what happens when a television or radio station goes quiet or dark or staticky – as in, no longer broadcasting.  It can happen for a couple moments or for an extended period of time, depending on the technical difficulties. That’s usually when the colored bars show up on your screen. It doesn’t happen very often anymore – but when it does, it’s usually not a good thing – especially if it’s in the middle of your favorite show!   Have you had some “dead air” moments in your life – where you’ve experienced technical difficulties that have shut you down?

dead air barsIf you’ve noticed some “dead air” here on my blog recently, I have a good explanation, I promise.  One reason is that I’ve been “on air” on Periscope just about every single day for the past several months, 147 live broadcasts and counting.  My last blog post was all about the video live-streaming application on Twitter that is all the rage right now.   THAT is where I’ve been spending a lot of time getting to know hundreds of people who are sharing their message and passion with the world.

In fact, in December, I interviewed fifteen of the best Periscope broadcasters when I hosted the “Take Control of Your Life Virtual Summit”proven ways to get organized, inspired and BE BOSS in all dimensions of your life. I spoke with experts who have taken charge and surged to success so you can, too – in the dimensions of Health & Wellness, Relationships, Worktime, Playtime and Finances. It was a fabulous event that helped hundreds of people “Take Control” of the struggles in their lives – those “technical difficulties” that can often get us caught up in dead air.

Speaking of technical difficulties – I have had some myself in recent months, which is another reason you haven’t heard from me in a while.  But I’m taking steps to get rid of the colored bars so we can connect again.

One personal struggle has been an injury to my rotator cuff on my right shoulder that has been driving me crazy and stealing my arm strength for about six weeks now.  No idea how it happened, but it’s hard to type when there’s ice on your elbow. Another difficulty has been my 14 year old daughter’s health.  She’s an awesome athlete who took a hard hit to the back of the head at close range from an overhand volleyball serve that gave her a bad concussion.  We’ve had dozens of doctor appointments in the past few months, pretty much every day after school, for therapy to help relieve her headaches, dizziness and crossing-eyes.  Thankfully, she is finally on the road to recovery, but it’s a slow ride – and a lot of time away from my office.

The point of me sharing with you about my arm and my daughter and the Take Control Summit (and oh ya, the holidays were in there, too) is not to complain or offer excuses.  Rather, it’s to demonstrate that WE ALL go through periods of time when we aren’t able to do EVERYTHING that we WANT to do. Sometimes, we need to shift our priorities – and there’s nothing wrong with that. I LOVE writing, but I haven’t been able to in a while, because my time has been spent on other important activities. I’d be willing to bet that most people didn’t even notice that I haven’t blogged in a couple months. So, the only person it really hurts to be stressing about it – is me.

So, this is my invitation to you to give yourself permission to NOT put so much pressure on yourself to ALWAYS DO EVERYTHING.  For me, my daughter’s health is more important than sitting in my chair posting blogs on Facebook.  And helping hundreds of viewers on Periscope “Take Control” of their lives had a greater impact than updating my website.  The key is knowing what your priorities are, what you really WANT in your life, so you can make choices in alignment with those desires.  That’s how you avoid technical difficulties that lead to the dreaded dead air.  If you’d like help getting your priorities figured out, check out this 5-Day Quest to Love Your Life.  And I’ll see you “on-air” again soon!

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