Is Periscope Just a Glorified SELFIE ?!

A couple months ago, a friend and colleague suggested, “Christy, you’d be GREAT on Periscope!”  I replied with, “Uhhhh, thanks… but what the heck is Periscope?!”  Just like you might be wondering now, too.  Don’t feel bad – it’s only been around since the end of March 2015 (so only a little over six months as of this writing – so if you know what it is, you’re ahead of the curve!)  But even in that short span of time, more than 10-million people around the world have started “scoping.”

periscope-logoSo, what is it?  Periscope is a live, interactive, VIDEO stream on your smart phone, both Android and iPhone.  When you “follow” someone, you get alerts that someone is “live” and you can view their broadcast – that is, hear and SEE what they’re doing, anywhere in the world, in real time.  Pretty cool, huh?

That’s what I thought… at first.  When I was investigating the tool, I found a map that shows where people are on live, so I clicked to watch what they were doing.  I found a kid in England walking to school and mumbling.  I found a lady in Netherlands walking her dog and showing the windmills.  I found a guy sitting on his couch doing nothing.  I found a woman sitting in her car, giggling and jabbering on and on about I’m not sure what.

20130710_144555And I thought – oh my word!  This is nothing but a glorified selfie – where not only can people LOOK at themselves with puckered lips, but now they really CAN talk just to hear themselves talk.  Holy crum – what is this digital world coming to??!!  It’s just another way to feed one’s ego. (BTW – I’m not saying all selfie-takers  are egotistical, but some people…. You know what I mean…) And I was slightly offended that my friend recommended that I’d be good at this. Hmph.

But then… my BROTHER (@GamersGetDirty) started “doing scopes.”  And, being the good sister that I am, I watched to give him support and send some ♥ hearts ♥ flyin’ for him (more on that in a moment.)  He’s actually really good at it because he uses hilarious true stories and great lessons he’s learned from his professional baseball playing-days and 20-years of coaching experience to teach a “moral to the story.” Honestly, I was unbiased and very impressed!  So my bro shot me some info about Periscope and some other people to follow so I could watch and learn.  You know what?  There is a PURPOSE to this Periscope thing.

There are a few people I’ve watched who caught on to this from the beginning and are KILLING it with viewers and supporters and are monetizing and re-purposing their efforts like nobody’s business.  The reason for that is they are providing viewers with genuine, real, valuable information that they can take away from the broadcast and use immediately for their personal benefit.  Now, THAT is cool.

And I got to thinkin’… maybe I COULD be great at this, like my colleague suggested (thanks, @Strawberry Social!!)  After all, I spent 14 years the in television industry, doing my first live news report at age 16, and many, many public speaking engagements since then.  I have plenty of inspirational stories to share that have meaning and value that someone could internalize and use to improve their lives at that moment.  Hmmmm…. Maybe I COULD do this… and so I am.

Introducing: “5DTV” on Periscope.  Monday-Friday at 2:00PM (Mountain), I am doing short (commercial-free!) 15 minute-ish “scopes” on “Your 5D Life” – 5D as in 3D, but only bigger and better!   The content I share will be one over-arching theme for the week that addresses the 5 Dimensions in our lives, one Dimension each day of the week:

Monday: Health & Wellness

Tuesday: Relationships

Wednesday: Worktime

Thursday:  Playtime

Friday:  Finances

The key is, all 5 Dimensions are inter-related.  So, you may be tempted to say, well, I’m in tip-top shape, so I don’t need to tune-in on Monday.  Or, I know how to play, so I don’t need to watch on Thursday.  But trust me, they will ALL be intertwined, because if one dimension is “outta whack” it affects the other dimensions. So, I invite you to join me 5 Days a week (or at least as often as you can.) What’s great is there is also an automatic 24-hour replay on your Periscope feed (and longer on, so if you’re tied up, you can still catch the info and send some ♥ heart-love (still more on that in a moment.)

So, how do YOU get involved?

EASY!  Just install the free Periscope app onto your phone and search for @ChristyStansell – and hit follow.  Then, you’ll get a notification of my next live “5DTV” broadcast.  When you sign up, it’s best if you already have a Twitter account (even if you don’t use it,) because then you can link your Periscope account more easily, but you may also join Periscope with just your mobile phone number.

Here’s the link for Android

Here’s the link for iPhone

When you get it installed, play around with it a little.  I have a few personal favorite “Scopers” that I’ll share in the future, but to get you started, Periscope itself curates some of the best scopes to share, so be sure to start by following these:

@Globalperiscope – the most intriguing periscopes from around the world

@Periscopetv – a feed of the best current live broadcasts

Now, a couple of fair warnings and disclaimers:

  1. The Periscope app is still somewhat new and can occasionally be a bit “buggy” – but don’t let that stop you. If you lose connection, just “x” out and re-join.  AND, *I* am new at this, too – so if I lose my train of thought or show up upside down, just laugh and comment to let me know. I’ve been “off-air” for about as long as I was “on-air” – so I’m hoping it’s like riding a bike!  I’m used to a script & teleprompter, and won’t have that now…So, please stick with me ♥ ♥ ♥ – and share it with your audience if you like what you’re hearing.
  2. Sometimes “trolls” pop in randomly and say rude things – it is a social platform, after all. Just ignore them and/or block them, by simply touching their post and hitting “block” and they’ll never bug you again.
  3. I may not always scope 5-days a week – but I tell ya, I’m committed to reaching as many people as I can with the “Make a Choice to Have a Voice” message, so I’ll keep doing it as long as I can. I have a couple trips planned and may not get on to Scope – BUT, then again, I may also throw in some surprises if I find something of value to my followers.
  4. It’s addictive. It is really like live TV and you can get sucked in to random weirdness for longer than you meant.  Just today I started watching an Egyptian guy take viewers on a tour of the Pyramids and the Sphinx IN CAIRO!  I was watching him live in Egypt and lost track of time. So, be mindful of your time and watch when you can learn something of value.  (But seeing the pyramids was pretty dang neat!)
  5. Live Scopes will use up battery and data – so make sure you’re fully charged and on wifi when you view. I cannot be held responsible for your phone bill or battery!

Screenshot_2015-10-14-09-47-14OH, and before I wrap this up – what about the ♥ hearts ♥ that I’ve mentioned a couple times now? HEARTS are kinda like “likes” on Facebook – but you can give MULTIPLE hearts! (Up to 500 per scope!) It’s as simple as “tapping” your screen, and they go flying up (not out of your phone, just up the side of the screen!)  Hearts are a way of showing appreciation to the broadcaster, and help with “ranking” in Periscope – so the more love, the better!  (But only if I’ve earned it, ok?!)

And last but not least, I put together a Periscope Cheat Sheet to help you get your feet wet with it – whether as a viewer or as a potential broadcaster.  You can download the Cheat Sheet right here so I can see YOU on Periscope.

( <—– see the ♥ ♥ ♥ hearts?!) (and see why I got distracted in Egypt!?!)

Remember:  Get your Periscope Cheat Sheet and get on it – so you can watch 5DTV – and feel free and in control of Your Life!

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