Make Time to Make Time (& find more hours in a day!)


“Do you know what time it is?” It used to take 1.5 seconds to answer that with a quick flick of our wrist to see our watch, maybe half a second longer if you have to move your sleeve out of the way.  Now it seems that time pieces are relics of the past, pushed out of the way by our hand-held computers with futuristic names like Droid and iPhone.  These days, it takes 30 times as long to check the hour, by the time we find our phone buried in our purse or pocket.  Why does life in the 21st century have so many things that were designed to save time but actually take up more time… especially when there never seems to be enough time?

If time is an elusive item in your life, take heart – you really do have more of it than you think you do.  The trouble is, most people don’t take time to make that discovery.

Our lives are so filled with business and busyness that slowing down long enough to see where we spend our time doesn’t seem feasible.

You can, though, make a choice to shift the sands of time in your favor.  And here’s a Time Tracker Tool Kit to help!


3 Ideas to Find Valuable Time

  1. Be mindful, not mindless.

Often, we go about our day without really thinking about what we’re doing. Our brain goes on autopilot and gets easily distracted by outside influences.  We must make time to consider what we truly want to accomplish, and then make choices in alignment with those desires. If that means saying no to one activity per week, do it, and make that hour your time to think about and plan your priorities. You’ll feel more confident.

  1. Be creative, not competitive.

Have you ever been in the “I’m busier than you” competition, where you and a friend fire off your frightful to-do list?  Instead of focusing on that overwhelming feeling that comes with how much stuff you have to accomplish, get creative and directive on one thing at a time. Focus on the solution, rather than the problem. Instead of getting stuck on impossibilities, imagine what is possible, and you will get more done in less time.  Ask, “what is one thing I can do to take me in the right direction,” and do that thing.  You’ll feel more at peace.

  1. Be grateful, not hateful.

When we live in a place of discontent with the way things are, we cannot welcome the good things that could be. That’s because we don’t see the positive  through our jaded perspective, and/or because we’ve “hated when that happens” so often that we unconsciously stop good from coming to us.  Begin now to focus on gratitude for the time you do have, and watch more time become available. You’ll feel happier.

The bottom line is: you have to make time to make time.  Until you consciously, creatively and thankfully consider what you do with your time, you’ll be chasing the clock.  Make a choice to spend your time wisely. Oh – and my number one tip for finding more time in a day?  Wear a watch!

If you would like help finding extra time, take one minute now to click here to download a Time Tracker Tool Kit – to help you find more hours in your day.

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