Put more life and love in YOUR LOVE LIFE

If I could, I would give you a hug and a kiss – well, at least the chocolate version.  Next time you get chocolate, try an experiment.  Rather than popping it in your mouth and gobbling it up,  let it melt slowly and enjoy every sensation.  Notice the smoothness and sweetness of the candy. Pay attention and actually taste the chocolate.  Make the flavor an experience.

box of chocolatesNow, apply this to your relationships.  How often do we experience our relationships? Do we sit down next to our significant other and notice their presence?   Maybe we’re talking but neither of us “hears” the other because we’re distracted watching the game or cooking dinner.  Have you ever forgotten to give a hug and kiss goodbye on your way out the door, or missed saying “Good night, I love you” before going to sleep?  Life gets so busy that we go through the motions and take each other for granted.

If that is not what you envisioned for your relationship, whether you’re in one or not, and you would love to feel the love again, here are

5 Golden Rules to put more Life and Love in your LOVELIFE.


  1. Awareness can make a major shift in all your relationships. Paying attention to what you enjoy and dislike in a relationship can create happiness and prevent heartache. You have the ability and right to stand up for yourself if there’s a problem and when you pay attention to the good, it continues to grow. To know the difference, you must be aware.


  1. Forgiveness is vitally important to allow more love in your life. If something happened in your current or past relationship, holding on to it creates a block in you, not in them. It’s like drinking poison and expecting it to kill the other person. To forgive someone, change the story around their behavior or action to something neutral like, “They loved me the way they knew how.” To let go of the past and look toward the future, you must forgive.


  1. Imagination often defaults to a negative pattern, but you can consciously create a positive one. Instead of believing he’s late because he’s out partying, train your mind to think he’s stopping to pick up flowers or milk. Instead of feeling that she’s flirting again, train your mind to think she’s promoting your business. Whatever the truth is, worrying is destructive. To create happiness, you must imagine it.


  1. Desire isn’t just about lust, it’s about the desires of your heart. What would you LOVE your relationship to be like, look like, feel like? When you decide what that is, you will attract it. Describe it in detail and make choices in alignment with what you want, and watch it evolve. To have what you want, you must desire it.


  1. Sharing is how genuine love develops. When we hold back, they hold back. Conversely, the more you give, the more you receive. Share your heart, your gifts, your talents, and to do so, you need to value and love yourself. Great song lyrics say, “What if I had given everything instead of going through the motions.”  To receive love, you must share it.


These principles apply not only to your relationships, but also to your health, career and financial freedom. When you consciously Make a Choice to pay attention to what matters, you will experience more love and life in your very being.  If you’d like help with discovering what you desire in your relationships, check out this 5D Quest to Love Your Life.

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One thought on “Put more life and love in YOUR LOVE LIFE

  • Miss T

    Thanks for your blog. I, like many of us can fall into pressures from the media, the commercial hype of Vanlentines Day, where it can MAKE people feel obligated to spend – to make it special. I like how you have outlined ideas that can be applied to daily situations in our relationships. I like the idea of loving consistently and like you suggest, Are we present and aware? Life is not just a box of chocolates is it?.

    Slowing down to savour life’s flavour, …Is tastier.