Should we be celebrating the 2nd of July instead?

Happy Independence Day!

Did you know that July 2nd is really the day our nation declared independence from Britain? Back in 1776, the Second Continental Congress voted to approve the resolution of independence on the second day of the month. Then they worked on and revised the official Declaration of Independence, which they signed on the 4th of July…. which is why it is celebrated then instead. Interesting, huh?

American Flag Eagle Field of Honor

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I’ve always been very patriotic and appreciative of the symbolism of the red, white and blue, the stars and stripes. But what I love most about the “holiday” is that it represents freedom and choice.

Being tired of oppression and taxation without representation and being forced to house British soldiers in their homes (among other “Intolerable Acts”), the colonists decided to stand their ground. Of course, the British throne did not appreciate that, and so sent troops to put the colonists back in their place. The Declaration of Independence was not an end of a war, but rather the start of one.

The colonists DECIDED that the current state of affairs was not acceptable and made a CHOICE to change those circumstances. It was not an easy transition, obviously, but it was incredibly worth it in the end. They could ENVISION what their lives in the New World should be and they took ACTION to make it happen.

In 1776, the Founding Fathers “Made a Choice to Have a Voice” — and the rest is history.

I invite YOU to Make a Choice to Have a Voice – and discover what YOU want in YOUR future. Don’t stay stuck in limbo, wondering if this is all there is to life. Or maybe you’re ready to take your great life to new heights. It may not be easy or convenient to change things, but it will be incredibly worth it. And I have developed a structure to help you do that in a fun and inspirational way.

As you celebrate our nation’s independence this weekend, when you’ve had enough of the hot sun and decide to take a break in the A/C, give yourself a break and sign up for the free 5 Day Quest to Love Your Life, which will help you feel free and in control of your life.

You can choose any day to be YOUR Independence Day! You just have to Make a Choice to Have a Voice.  Please share a time when you declared your independence – I’d love to hear about it.

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